Insecurity is forced , but chosen to be kept by the beholder.

insecurity is jealousy , feeling uncomfortable within yourself because of what others say. It feeds you depression , loneliness , envy and such  other words . Those actions only happen when you choose to be defeated by people who feel the same  way but,  choose to act it out in such an ignorant manner. Like bullying , fighting, and racial judgment. it’s only because their just as insecure as you are, but fueled by a the wrong crowd of others who make them feel alive and worth being something so they won’t feel inadequate. Listen.. People will Belittle you in Public and then Admire you in private but it’s up to you to wear YOUR insecurities on your sleeves and be proud of a zit, be proud of the clothes you wear, the shoes , and also your Sexuality. It plays a big role. Just be excited at the fact that you have a chance at life ! Be Happy ,Be you , not anyone else LOVE YOURSELF FIRST and INSECURTIES SECOND ! Never ever be stripped of your pride 


Ps: my first blog so bare with me.. If I spelled that right.